“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.” -M. Gandhi

The Bonneville salt flats are the bed of the ancient Bonneville salt lake. It hosts races of petroleum powered vehicles of every shape and size practically every weekend of the year. Countless land speed records have been set at the salt flats. As we were reminded by the memorial laid out on our way in, countless lives have been lost chasing these records or the thrill that the edge of control provides.

We stopped off on our way through as Deja had never seen the salt flats before. If you we’re to try and describe them, it can be hard to make a compelling case. They are quite a site though it is not a magnificent as mt Rainer, nor as vast as the Grand Canyon. They are not particularly colorful in fact the complete void of color may be part of their charm. The flats are self healing, no matter how many sets of tire tracks are laid on them they are absorbed in a few short days. Ready for the following weekends races as if a mud Zamboni just cleansed the surface. Pictures don’t do it any justice, the salt flats are worth stopping for. If you can, make the journey without stopping or staying in Wendover. That place is an armpit.

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