The Journey

We are moving from Seattle, WA to Austin, TX. This blog is our notes from our (ad)venture. It will serve as a way for us to organize notes, collect photos, share thoughts and recall events. It has a secondary purpose of letting our friends and family know that all 4 tires are still on the car and we are not stranded somewhere in the middle of the country without cell service.

We have a 5,869 mile route planned out to complete what shows as a 2,127 mile journey. We have budgeted 30-60 days in which to do it. As Eisenhower once said “Plans are useless, but planning is invaluable,” our route will serve as more of a sketch than a masterpiece.

We love adventure. We both enjoy Americana. We want to drive the highways (which are different from interstates) and enjoy the towns, people, shops and culture that exist in independent, non-franchised corners of America. We want to explore the inconsistency, get excited by the details, and get our honky tonk on. We are seeking inspiration for both creative pursuits and business ventures. We want to expand our stock photo library. We want to rise and fall with the sun. We want to see if we can stand each other 24/7. It is not a dress rehearsal. There are at least 100 other reasons, but you get the idea.

Deja was joking with her brother that she has pictures of me doing a handstand on every trip that we’ve taken together. She is going to have a lot more handstand pictures by the time we get to Austin.

Jake & Deja

About Jake

Jake’s an adventure-seeking manly man who enjoys tooling leather, live music, snowboarding, cooking (the best smoked salmon benedict ever!), scheming big ideas, and always up for one last swing on the dance floor.

He is an intelligent and tech-savvy problem solver who recently quit his job at Amazon to embark on this adventure with me. Handy, crafty, creative and talented… he can build just about anything we can scheme up. Abounding creativity combined with an entrepreneurial spirit set the stage for exciting possibilities and unconventional living.

Jake’s personable and friendly nature turns strangers quickly into friends (friends he values of gold), and he’s consistently open to new experiences, challenges and lessons while proactively living life to the fullest.

About Deja

Deja is soft spoken and easy to be around. Her slight frame and gentle demeanor could fool you into thinking that she is in some way meek. Get to know her a little and you will realize this could not be further from the truth. She is country strong and has more sass than an extra large pack of blackcat firecrackers. I have heard friends describe her as “the most down to earth person I know” and “one of the most real people I have had the pleasure of knowing.”

Deja is a creative type with a travel addiction. As far as addictions go there are far worse things to be hooked on, though many of them would be cheaper habits. She also loves music and dancing. Watch out, her blonde mane doubles as a brutally efficient whip. She appreciates all art and simple design and there are few things in this world she loathes more than products with poor usability.







  1. Michael "Mikey" Augusta says:

    Love the blog! I’ll be keeping up with y’all along the way. Via con Dios, mis amigos….

  2. Kate Sweeney says:

    you two make this world a better place.
    If you see a Casino and feeling lucky…. put some on 36.

  3. Momma Soder says:

    You guys are both very awesome people and I am really enjoying the site and the blogs!! Love you both.

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