The destination provides the reason. The journey provides the memories.

As we leave a week in Moab we opt for the very much slower and less conventional route to Capital Reef by going south on 191 and west on 95. This turned out to be an amazing choice. We drove for an hour on 95 and in addition to feeling like we were traveling the roads that are nestled in Canyonlands National park, we only saw 1 other car. As we came upon a newer construction bridge crossing what I think is an upper offshoot of the Colorado river we decided to stop and take it in. It was still early morning and the sun was low on the horizon. The rays were warm and refreshing, the air crisp and clean. We hiked down below the bridge to check out the river views. We are down there approximately 10 minutes and we decide this would be an ideal spot to stretch out our car jammed joints. We hike back up to the car and grab our yoga mats and make our way down the hill side and find a relatively flat platform 60 feet above the river and spread out. We opt for an entirely personal flow, doing our own flow and routine. In the hour or so that followed, the sun warmed and revitalized us, and the kinks that came from 3 weeks of sleeping on a thermarest in sub freezing temps are gradually worked loose. There was an occasional boom that sounded like a large hammer hitting a large piece of metal. I am pretty sure this was the bridge adjusting as the temps warmed up. As we make our way back up the hillside to the car my steps are a little further apart than they were an hour ago and this is one of 100 benefits that I gained from our stop.

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