“Roll back the rug so we can two step ’round the Christmas tree” -S. Bogguss

The holidays this year were a very different experience then I’ve ever had before. For me, Christmas has always been centered around being home in the country, my family and friends, big meals, and snow. Being in Austin, it feels like summer. We have no family here, no home, our meals are mostly cooked on a campfire, and the weather is warm. All of those things just make it not feel like Christmas. The only other time I haven’t gone home for Christmas was when I was traveling in India six years ago and it didn’t feel like Christmas there whatsoever… I barely even thought about it.  What’s different about this year is that holiday celebrations are all around us… decorations, music, lights, NYC festivity, etc. Christmas is happening… we just aren’t a part of it.  It doesn’t bother me so much, but it feels very strange, like I’m watching it all happen from afar.

We decided to spend Christmas night at the Old Coupland Inn and Dancehall. This place is spectacular. It’s an 1800s building with an old boarding house upstairs and a restaurant and massive dancehall below. It truly feels like going back in time. We made fast friends with the owners Barbara and Tim… they fed us well and entertained us with their comedic dynamics and crazy sense of humor. We danced the night away and slept restfully in our antique bedroom. Maybe didn’t feel like Christmas, but it was a lovely night and a perfect way to spend the holiday while so far from home.

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