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  1. Kate Sweeney says:

    Love this! Looks like you two are living the good life on the road! thanks for sharing with us your cool photos, whereabouts, and findings. To more good times! thinking of you guys here in seattle, where the rain pours down like cheap beer and the snow is beginning to fly. Cheers, Sweens.

  2. Momma Soder says:

    Hey Guys,
    I tried to click on the tabs for your sites and got errors? I was able to view the index page for the photos, but when I tried to look individually it shut me down.

  3. Momma Soder says:

    Ok so after I grumbled it let me look at your photos and read your comments so I will be quiet and review a bit….:)

  4. Momma Soder says:

    What a great job of photography and documenting a trip we are all jealous we could not join you on.. Enjoy all the sights and opportunities awaiting you.. I look forward to reading and seeing more. Love you both!!

  5. Judy Ocasio says:

    Awesome pictures! Great blog, love it. 🙂

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