“New York provides not only a continuing excitation, but also a spectacle that is continuing.” -E.B. White

We spontaneously decided to take a side trip from the road to New York City. Our friend Gabe was launching his new business venture at Treasure & Bond, a Nordstroms creative space in the heart of Soho. We wanted to support him, and couldn’t pass up an an excuse to visit the big apple if it was at all feasible. It was a bit of a long shot, but everything fell into place. Tickets were cheap and my airline miles covered us for 5 nights in a great hotel. We had very few plans in New York other than the launch party one night and our friend Mikey’s birthday another night…. the rest of the time was open to whatever might allure us in the spectacle, intensity and absurdity of the city. We spent our days wandering the streets, hustling through the subway, and obscenely late nights out the town with the clan from Seattle. Shenanigans included a ride on the Staten Island ferry, an art show benefit, antique hunting in Brooklyn, and a visit to the ginormous Christmas tree at Rockafeller Center. Great trip, but it left us beat and overstimulated as New York is so good at. We were plenty ready to head back to Austin after 6 days of the intensity.

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