Land of fairies and hoodoos

Despite already having visited six national parks and several state parks on this trip, Bryce Canyon still managed to impress. I was joking about how I’ve seen enough red rocks… but it’s incredible how many completely different ways Utah can spin red rock formations. Bryce Canyon is at a high elevation area of 8000-9000 ft and covers 35,835 acres. It largely consists of thousands of multi-colored pinnacles called ‘hoodoos’ made of hematite, limonite, and pyrolusite soft sedimentary rock. These hoodoos combine to form vast natural amphitheatres. The natural architecture of the canyon is surreal and truly feels like a magical fairyland.

And here’s Jake being completely NOT safe. There is a cliff of several thousand feet opposite the post he is balancing on. (I actually got pretty mad at him for this one… but still managed to snap a photo).

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  1. Momma Soder says:

    Jacob please be safe with your handstands!

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