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The journey in numbers: an infographical roundup.

Throughout our trip, I kept fastidious notes and numerical tallies of every place we stopped, ate, slept, drank, got gas, and so much more. Yes, I know I’m a little […]

When the world turns upside down, it’s nice to have someone upside down with you.

Ok, ok, you all have been heard, how can the blog be titled handstands to austin and be completely void of handstands?!? Deja is working her magic on a sampling […]

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” C.S. Lewis

We spent a couple days with our friends Gregg and Shaney not too far from Sun Valley ID. Our original plan had us arrive to their place on Saturday, however […]

If you never jumped from one couch to the other to save yourself from the lava, you did not have a childhood.

Following another route change due to road closures we ended up passing through a town called Lava Hot Springs. After all this driving, we thought a warm soak sounded perfect […]

Tincup Creek, the Caribou Mountains, and stories of the American West

Winding down from Jackson, we decided to take the long way around on an old pioneer route along Tincup Creek through the Caribou mountains. This lead us through a handful […]

“New England eat your heart out” -Kathleen Brophy

Washington is known to most as the Evergreen State. This makes it sound so monochromatic. If you drive around Washington in the fall you will know this is not the […]