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The enigma of modern polygamy

As we zig zagged through much of Utah, I became increasingly fascinated and perplexed with the Mormon history, presence, and modern polygamy practices. I know polygamy isn’t a regular practice […]

Land of fairies and hoodoos

Despite already having visited six national parks and several state parks on this trip, Bryce Canyon still managed to impress. I was joking about how I’ve seen enough red rocks… […]

Breakfast beer and a spectacular sunrise

One morning we awoke around 5am frozen to the bone as what had become the norm. Rather than wait it out, this particular morning we decided to get up, quickly […]

Tincup Creek, the Caribou Mountains, and stories of the American West

Winding down from Jackson, we decided to take the long way around on an old pioneer route along Tincup Creek through the Caribou mountains. This lead us through a handful […]

Antlers going once, going twice, and sold in Jackson Hole, WY

Climbing steadily up an impressively steep descent, winding around hairpin turns and hugging cliff edges at freeway speeds… we made our way over the dramatic Teton pass and landed in […]

Where fisherman eat pie and other tales of Ennis

We happened to pass through the little town of Ennis due to an unplanned route change leading us down Hwy 287 in central Montana. For those of you who haven’t […]

Yellowstone: 90% closed. 10% magic.

While we happened to visit Yellowstone National Park in the one month of the year that it is 90% closed… we were still pleasantly impressed by the bits we saw. […]

Beautiful skies, chilling nights, and the road to Wisdom

Early Sunday morning we left Missoula heading south on highway 93… a route recommended by Erin as one of the most beautiful drives ever. It didn’t disappoint. We began passing […]